Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Related Party Transactions

Related Party Transactions
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2022
Related Party Transactions [Abstract]  
Related Party Transactions

Note 10 – Related Party Transactions


Shared Space Agreement


In January 2020, the Company entered into a license agreement (the “Shared Space Agreement”) with Orchestra BioMed, Inc. (OBIO), formerly a greater than 5% holder of the Company’s common stock and entity in which David Hochman, the Chairman of the Company’s board of directors, serves as the Chairman of the board of directors and Chief Executive Officer, and Darren Sherman, a member of the Company’s board of directors, serves as a director and as President and Chief Operating Officer. Pursuant to the Shared Space Agreement, the Company granted a license to OBIO for the use of portions of the office space not being used by the Company in the Company’s leased facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (the “Premises”), and a proportionate share of common areas of such Premises, which previously covered approximately 35% of the Premises and was to expand incrementally to approximately 60 to 70% of the Premises by September 2024. In May 2022, the Company entered into an amendment to the Shared Space Agreement. Pursuant to the amendment, the area covered by the Shared Space Agreement was expanded to 95% of the premises and the aggregate license fees will generally range from approximately $212 to approximately $270 in any given calendar year during the term of the Shared Space Agreement until the termination of the lease in November 2024. During the year ended December 31, 2022 and 2021, the Company recorded a license fee of $242 and $189, respectively, in relation to the Shared Space Agreement. This amount is netted with rent expense in general and administrative expenses.